Wise Words Wednesday – My Blog and Monetization

Little Girl eating ice cream

Things I chose to do this week instead of blog. :)

My wise words this week came from two fellow bloggers, Amy and Steve.  Both of them have their own niche, their own mission, their own goals.  And they don’t let anybody tell them how to run things.  They don’t conform to the blogger norms, the accepted ways of driving traffic and creating readership; they don’t follow the rules.

Steve’s post about creating traffic really struck a nerve with me.  He writes posts that are too long, he doesn’t allow comments, and he most definitely is not creating community.  I realized I have been trying to do all those things, not because I wanted them, but because that’s what I thought I had to do to be a successful blogger.  I want to impact people, and that doesn’t require a post every day or a long list of comments; it simply requires me to sit down, pray, and write something that can impact people.  (And let me just tell you, inspiring you to write a menu plan wasn’t the sort of impact I had in mind, though stories about Big Mommy’s cooking are still fun. :) )

Amy‘s post about comparing yourself to others just pounded the point home.  I don’t have to share pithy tips or heartwarming pictures like my friend Alicia (though I absolutely LOVE reading hers!); her seemingly instant success has nothing to do with my blog, whatsoever.  I’m happy for her, and for Amy, and for Steve, and all those other bloggers who are following their goals and dreams and (hopefully) making a little money into the bargain, and I want to follow their example by not copying their example.

Conclusion?  I’m here to write.  To write well.  To be a peg for God to hang His glory on.  And I’m here to give voice those older and wiser than me who have so much to share.  And to give voice to you, who can pass on their words as well.

So please, share away.  I want to learn something today.

One thought on “Wise Words Wednesday – My Blog and Monetization

  1. [I have copied and pasted comments made prior to the 2014 blog transfer.]

    “I am just commenting on that picture — don’t you think Big Mommy would be proud of Naomi, eating sweets and dribbling them down her shirt? :-) Love you.”
    Comment by Emily S. — August 25, 2010 @ 2:29 pm

    “Those are great links. These kinds of things have been on my mind lately. I’m still so green in this whole blogging world. It’s overwhelming. I’ve read great blogs by great bloggers for so long. They made it all look so EASY! No one mentioned that writing one little post is incredibly time-consuming, and that I should have probably known something about COMPUTERS before I started, but oh well. Maybe, for me, there will be an income down the road, but for now I’ll just write. And post. When I have time.”
    Comment by Joanna @ Starving Student Survivor — August 25, 2010 @ 6:35 pm

    “Audrey, I look forward to seeing how your blog grows and the shape it takes. I’m glad you’re honing your focus. I love you!
    I had to look up “pithy” to make sure it was a good thing! Ha. ;)
    ~ Alicia ~
    Comment by Alicia’s Homemaking — August 26, 2010 @ 8:50 am

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