Wise Words Wednesday — A Question

Is truth always true?

I ask because I recently posted a link to a fabulous article about boys who aren’t becoming men. [Note: The original Newsweek article which I read has been removed, but this is a slight variation by the same author.] My brother-in-law immediately disliked the article, not because of its content necessarily, but because of its author.  And he posted a quote from the same author.  And I didn’t like it.  So does that negate the truth of the first article?

Another case-in-point.  Back in my college days, I remember reading Plato and Aristotle, and loving the idea of the “sublime.”  It resonated with me.  I have had experiences of sublimity, usually in relation to God’s word, or some sort of epiphany, or an experience in God’s creation that demonstrated His power and might.  Some of those philosophers’ ideas were so, well, TRUE.  But they didn’t come from God, or the Bible, or even a Christian.

What about things that Mohammed said that actually line up with things that Jesus said?  And Buddha?  Or (gasp!) some of our presidents, or…. Hitler?  Does the identity of the speaker change the truth of the words?

Are wise words always wise?

One thought on “Wise Words Wednesday — A Question

  1. [I have copied and pasted comments left prior to the 2014 blog transfer.]

    “When we read or listen to others, we must always be discerning.
    Just because you quote someone who makes a true or wise statement, doesn’t mean you agree with all of their views.
    We should however be careful about what enters our minds. So I think that when we find that we cannot trust someone’s ideas or writing, we would be better off listening to a more trustworthy source.”
    Comment by Marvin — August 31, 2010 @ 11:15 pm

    “Yes, I think truth can come from sources that are wrong most of the time. I think pointing those truths out to people can be a tool for pointing them to Jesus.
    BUT, you have to be careful, because the truth MIXED with lies can be so deceiving.”
    Comment by Alicia’s Homemaking — September 1, 2010 @ 3:22 pm

    “Yes, I think that truth is always true. And if something is true, it came from God. Even the physical creation speaks truth about God, and philosophers and writers are part of that creation that points to God. God uses people that are not his followers. Cyrus king of Persia is one of my favorite examples (2 Chronicles).
    Humans spew a mixture of truth and untruth, and if someone is known to say a decent amount of untruth, I would hold all they had to say with a bit of distrust, carefully examining it for any hidden biases.”
    Comment by Hannah — September 8, 2010 @ 1:17 am

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