To Remember With Thanks!

“We often forget what we ought to remember, and remember what we ought to forget.”

- Dr. Del Tackett in The Truth Project

Remembering what we ought to forget.  How many of us hold onto bitter memories that would be best–for us and for those involved–forgotten forever?  On the other hand, how often do we forget what we ought to remember: sweet memories, precious times with friends and family, and powerful lessons of God’s provision?

A friend of mine once reflected that she believed her parents’ success in childrearing (she is the oldest of eight, all on the straight and narrow), lay in their “continual rehearsal of God’s goodness.”  Remembering what God has done; parenting!

So without further ado, I’d like to remember a few things for which I am extremely thankful:

1. My husband who loves Jesus and loves me and works so hard for our family.

2. My godly heritage and amazing parents who raised me right (so far).  :)

3. My little girl, who is growing every day and challenging me to rely on God for parenting skills.  Oh the things I thought I knew!

4. My precious siblings, one of whom is getting married in 10 days!!!

5. My dear friends from childhood, who have stuck with me through thick and then, and prayed with me (and for me) through it all.

6. My home, which does not have a leaky roof and DOES have a dishwasher, and for the bathroom project which is nearing completion.

7. A buyer for our cargo trailer, which enabled us to pay off a debt, hallelujah!

8. A church family where we feel safe, loved, and have the opportunity to grow and serve.

9. A job that, though stressful at times, pays the bills and fills me and my husband with pride.

10. (This should be #1) A Savior who rescued me from myself and transforms me into His image a little more every day.

What things are you remembering?  Tell them to your children!  Pass them on.

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