Time Changes

I think when you become a mom, your body clock does this weird shift.  The biggest indicator of the shift in my life has been my desire to go to bed early.  Before pregnancy, 11:00 seemed an average, if not somewhat early, bedtime.  Now, even with a nap, I begin feeling tired before 9:00.

The other indicator of the “mom shift” in my life displayed itself admirably this morning: Wayne left for work at some unholy hour, at which point Naomi woke up, he brought her to me, and we both fell back asleep.  What seemed (and very well may have been) hours later, I awoke feeling as if I’d overslept, and had, in fact, gotten TOO much sleep.  Do you know the feeling?  It’s almost like a headache, almost like a bachache, and you don’t really want to get out of bed even though it doesn’t really feel good anymore to lie there.  Not a fun feeling.  So I finally roused myself, Naomi & I got dressed, and the two of us meandered out to the kitchen for breakfast.  Lo and behold, it was all of 7:18 am!!  Wow.

At least I then felt the freedom to talk myself out of feeling over-slept.  :)

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