For a while it seemed as though I couldn’t steer clear of thoughtless people.  I was trying to be selfless, but was wowed by how little my needs were taken into consideration.  The interesting side to my dilemma was that these people were in general very generous, giving, sweet people; they were just totally unaware.

A pastor I know has always said, “Maturity is being aware,” and when I think of that, I begin to realize how truly immature I am.  And to top it all off, I had a run-in with someone, in which I was rather desperate and blinded to that person’s needs, right in the middle of my complaining about thoughtlessness.  Boy, was that thoughtless of me!  And again, totally unaware.  In fact, that person told me I was not only immature, but had a short attention span.  At that moment, though it hurt, the comment fit.

Oh Lord, give me a longer attention span as regards the needs and wants of other people!  Grow me in maturity as You make me aware of the world around me.

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