It was a sin for us Baptists to dance but some of them loved to square dance so after a party all together some went home thinking time was to leave but the ‘dancers’ knew to stay later and had a square dance that caused the gossipers with talking matter.

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One Thanksgiving, my cousins and I were sitting around a card table, playing—you guessed it—cards. Big Mommie walked by and make a sharp retort about the game; later I asked my grandmother what was wrong and she said that Big Mommie disapproved of cards. I guess card-playing was a sin too. It made me wonder, how many times do we worry so much about what is a sin and what isn’t that we miss the point entirely? The sins about which God laid down the Law were all harmful and destructive. Maybe card-playing can be a sin if the player is gambling away the money that would pay for his children’s food and clothing. Or maybe dancing is a sin if the parties involved are arousing sexual desire in an inappropriate relationship. Eating can even be a sin, if the diner gluts and starts to gain weight, slowing down the function of the body, preventing the possibility of a normal life, or bringing on a heart attack. On the other hand, any of these activities could also bring glory to the Creator; after all, He created food, fun, and relationships. Dancing is even in the Bible, if you read it closely—or perhaps at all. David danced, Miriam danced, I think even the angels dance!

How many times does the idea that something is sin stop us from enjoying something that God intended for good? And, by the same token, how many times do we talk ourselves into harmful things because God didn’t specifically tell us not to do them?

We need to learn God’s heart and follow the spirit behind the rules, rather than toeing a line to keep an authoritarian judiciary at bay.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy this amazing Friday that He has given us and praise Him for His goodness!

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