The Root of the Word

Ancient HebrewYou may be wondering when all this forgiveness stuff is going to connect with Trugars or Big Mommy or even writing at all.  Maybe my next post should be on patience.  :)   Really though, it’ll come together for you, I promise.  Remember all those convergences?

So I found something interesting as I searched my concordance for the word “forgiveness.”  The Hebrew form uses words like “pardon” and “spare.”  It sounds like the removal, perhaps, of punishment.  In Greek though, there are some more references which are even more exciting: “freedom, deliverance, forgiveness, liberty, remission.”  The root of the word comes from “to send forth;” does that mean our sins are sent forth from us, or that we are freed to, in fact, be sent forth ourselves?  Either way, forgiveness is good news!

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