Ten Disasters Which Need Addressing

I have notebooks full of lists.  Some of them are partially crossed-off, some not even touched.  But, if I am to have a somewhat well-run household, avoid CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome–from the Flylady), and move forward with exciting new things, these items must, and I repeat, MUST find completion soon (read: this week).

Hold me accountable.

1. Make banana bread.  Yesterday we acquired a box full of bananas (see picture) from my husband’s battalion.  More baking for the neighbors!

2. Make Chex Mix.  I have had boxes of Chex & Cheerios on top of my refrigerator, waiting to be converted into snack mix forEVER.  I think we’ve gone through at least two or three bags of pretzels in that time, and though I currently am out of pretzels, we can have Chex mix without them.

3. Finish preparations for the new semester of piano teaching.  This includes mailing out letters to parents, posting flyers, updating records, and ordering music.

4. Wash the sheets on my bed.  Not drastic, I know, but I just thought of it.

5. Try to reduce my e-mail inbox to something less than 200 e-mails.  *yikes*

6. Write two guest posts for other blogs.

7. Call my mother-in-law for family addresses that have changed, then send out (no joke) Christmas cards that have been lying around my house since….before Christmas.

8. Formulate and send an e-mail to my husband’s commanding officer and other leadership pertaining to family events within his company.

9. Read Big Mommy’s notebook from start to finish and/or transcribe parts.

10. Sort through clothes and papers that are currently cluttering up my guest room (including the aforementioned Christmas cards).

Are you inspired?  I am.  :)

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