Status Update

I figured I should let you in on what’s going on behind the scenes.  You know, with the actual writing of a book, getting it published, the whole shabang.  I mean, that’s the purpose of this blog, after all.  :)

I realized last night that these posts have been somewhat random: a recipe here, a story there, an epiphany or two, and there isn’t a real direction.  Then it dawned on me.  I don’t actually have to have an entire book written to submit the idea to a publisher.  (pause for freak-out time here)  Yeah, so I think I’m going to take a step out and try to sell Trugars to a publisher.  THAT should be motivating.  And, bonus for you, much more interesting to read about.

Next step: Browse my bookshelf, possibly followed by Barnes & Noble’s bookshelf, to see what style of books I like, and, therefore, which publishers I should consider as my top choices.  Here we go!

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