Try New Adventures — Soggy Laundry

Little girl helping with laundry.

Little Girl helping Mommy!



My grandmothers always, always, always hung their laundry out to dry.  I never did.  But with an air-conditioner that is too old and to small for my house, paying for all that energy just seemed like a waste.  So, I have begun to follow tradition.  Little Girl loves to push the laundry basket and “help” Mommy, and it’s a chance for us to enjoy the *gasp* stiflingly hot outdoors together.




Wet laundry hanging on the line.

The rain came and the dryness went. :(

That’s my new adventure.  It didn’t seem all that exciting until I looked out my window this morning and saw this.  Oh boy.  Somehow one adventure turns into another, and I’m not sure I’m ready to tackle soggy laundry.

Hopefully the sun will come out and save me the trouble!Try New Adventures Thursday @ "Alicia's Homemaking!"

One thought on “Try New Adventures — Soggy Laundry

  1. [I have copied and pasted comments left prior to the 2014 blog update.]

    “Oooh, I love all the pictures of your helper you are including in your posts.
    Alas, for your wet laundry. Although I really commend you for trying to line-dry it. There *is* a laundry line at our apartment complex, but it’s very very out of the way, so I haven’t used it yet.
    P.S. Thanks for faithfully linking up! You’re awesome!”
    Comment by Alicia’s Homemaking — July 29, 2010 @ 4:04 pm

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