So Why Forgive?

I’m going to take a break from the fact-gathering and sermon-preaching to give you a little insight.

Shortly after I married the most amazing man on the planet, I began to discover that I held grudges.  Some silly, some not so much.  I guess it went beyond grudges, really.  I can remember something and hold onto it with the tenacity of a bulldog, as long as it’s something that’s eating at me.

Examples of things that have eaten at me:

1. A girl at a sleepover stopping halfway through her “most embarrassing moment” story so that I never heard the finale.

2. A $5 bill that was lost (it had a special message from a friend defacing the front).

3. My husband’s pre-marriage expenditures.

4. An unfortunate incident at our wedding that had to do with an uninvited guest.

Anyway, during one particular argument and feeling-hurt session, the light dawned on me.  I was holding onto things that needed to be let go, simply so that we could move forward and BOTH be happy.

I began pondering the concept of bitterness (basically, holding grudges) and forgiveness, and thinking about the fact that some sins are handed down from generation to generation.  I remember hearing stories of things that Big Mommy has held onto since she was a little girl; I don’t want the stories I tell my great-grandchildren to be negative, but only the happy, joyful, and teachable moments!  I decided that it was high time to stop the cycle of bitterness and to also help other women escape the clutches of unhappiness it brings.

With all those thoughts, I finally had a purpose behind writing “Trugars,” beyond capturing precious memories.  The underlying mission, if you will, that God wanted to accomplish through my pen.

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