Walking around the neighborhood today with my dearest childhood friend, I rediscovered my blog.

Alicia and I have shared memories since her eighth birthday party; today we walked around the block, pushing our babies in their strollers. What a circle of circles we made! I love her and her baby, I love being friends and being a mom, and I love making and remembering memories.

And that’s what this is all about. Trugars are the stories of memories that make me and will mold my children into who we are to become, and that perspective must guide each post I write. Lessons learned through experience and shared for posterity’s sake….

That said, during Bible study today, I read about the Israelites making a golden calf. Did you ever stop to think about what material they used to make up that calf? The gold jewelry they “plundered from the Egyptians” by God’s hand, and which was intended for building the Tabernacle, by His design.

How often do I choose to use the riches God gives to make myself an idol, or to fulfill my own purposes, instead of using it to bless others, to fulfill His purposes, to honor Him?

Oh Lord, what is your purpose herein?

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