Lately several issues have confronted my sense of what is or is not appropriate. Tell me what you think.

1. “No, David!” This child’s book is wildly popular. Barnes & Noble recently featured it as their story-time book, the librarian highly recommended it to me, a friend told me how much she liked it, and the kids I have seen absolutely LOVE it. If you haven’t seen it, just so you’ll know, the story is all about a boy misbehaving and being chastised by his mother. Each page is a new adventure in wrongdoing, until the end, when his mommy gives him a hug. Sweet ending, but encouraging my children to laugh at misdeeds truly is not high on my priority list. On top of that, the illustrations have a rug-rat-ish feel to them which I don’t care for.

2. Spaghetti straps. I was looking at really cute summer dresses yesterday in Ross and realized that just about all of them were spaghetti (or close-to-it) straps. And yet I hadn’t paused to think whether or not I’d wear them. They were so cute! A few years ago, I wouldn’t wear them in public, EVER. But now, I wonder if it’s okay. Is it?

3. Jokes about sexual intimacy. Here’s where Big Mommy comes in. :) Not really, but as I was thumbing through her recipe book, I found a recipe for (gasp!) “Better than sex cake.” Why can’t it just be “Really, really good cake”? I don’t know; it just seems that titles like this cheapen something God intended to be healthy, good, and set apart as sacred for two people alone. I have a friend who is incredibly guarded in this area, and I come away from my conversations with her feeling refreshed and encouraged, always.

So, what truly is appropriate humor for children? What is appropriate dress? And what is appropriate in everyday conversation? Hmm….

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