In Which I Like Gardening

So, for the first time ever, I have truly tried my hand at gardening, and I love it!  First, I started off the morning by planting tomato and corn seeds in egg cartons:Planting seeds in egg cartons.The tomato seeds should take about eight weeks before they’re ready to transplant, and the corn should be ready in two or three weeks.  The next step, garden-wise, is to get the actual plot ready for planting, so we can go ahead and plant some beans and potatoes!!!  Yummmmmm……

Next gardening adventure: I repotted a butterfly bush that we bought my daughter for her birthday.  We aren’t sure how long we’ll be living here, so I figured keeping it potted for a while would be the wisest option.  :)   While I was at it, and with the little bit of potting soil I had left, I also planted one of my onions that had sprouted.  The other plants in the picture were already potted; the flowers in the white pot were my daughter’s birthday party project, which all the kiddies got to take home.  She, at one year old, contentedly drew all over her pot with purple and pink markers.New plants lined up.And a close-up of the “Kaleidescope Butterfly Bush”:Little Girl's butterfly bush.And what it will look like one day….Picture and link to purchase Kaleidescope Butterly BushHooray for flowers and vegetables and getting my hands dirty in God’s good soil!  I like gardening.

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