Freshman Essay

My first writing about Big Mommy surfaced in the spring of 2000, when I was a freshman at the local community college.  I wrote about “Life Lessons at Big Mommie’s” in an impromptu exercise, later revising the essay to submit with my final portfolio.  Friends and family requested copies of the story, so perhaps this is old hat.  Nevertheless, it truly starts the writing process of “Trugars,” so it must be published herein and will soon follow this post, perhaps tomorrow.

In the meantime, a note about the use of “Mommie” or “Mommy”: When I was younger, I insisted on spelling my great-grandmother’s title with an “i-e,” perhaps because I think I had seen her write it that way once.  Since then, I’m sure I’ve seen her write it with a “y” as well, and most of my relatives refer to her as “Big Mommy,” so unless I am copying something I previously wrote with the “i-e,” all references will be spelled, “Big Mommy.”  :)

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