My phone rang at 7:15 this morning.  The odd suffix, “9999,” alerted me before I answered that it was probably my husband calling from South America.  I wanted to be happy to hear his voice, but since his flight supposedly left there today, my heart sank in anticipation of bad news.  Sure enough, they have been delayed 24 hours.

24 hours may not seem like much, but let me give you the skinny on why 24 hours matters:

1. He has missed (so far) his 30th birthday and our daughter’s 1st birthday, and our 4th anniversary is tomorrow.  His delay means that he will arrive in time to drive home and drop exhausted into bed.  Not much of an anniversary.

2. Our family is coming in town to celebrate Naomi’s birthday this weekend, and some of them are arriving tomorrow.  His delay means that they will be here when he arrives, and we will not have any alone time before company is here.

3. Military members receive a separations pay to compensate for being away from their families, but only if they are gone 30 days or more.  This delay will make 28 days.  So, I’d almost prefer a longer delay to at least receive compensation for being apart so long!  The extra delay without any bonus is hard to swallow.

4. And this is the biggest reason: I’ve just been counting on him being here, and having to adjust my hopes and plans makes my heart feel like a rubber band.  I miss him and need him and just want him here…NOW.

All that said, I know God is in control and has a reason for everything He does under the sun.  I can choose to find joy today or go around depressing everyone I meet.  Neither solution will bring him home any faster, but one will sure make my life and others’ lives MUCH more bearable.  So, don’t let me get you down!  Today is a beautiful day, and there are so many amazing things waiting to be done.  Here I go to do them!

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