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We’re fast approaching the plethora of good intentions and shiny resolutions that coincide with the dawn of a new year, and so my mind naturally turns to this blog and my love of writing.  Life as a mom of little ones is full beyond measure (of diapers, mostly), seemingly too full for blog posts and creative ramblings.

But you know, I miss it.  I miss seeing my thoughts expressed on a page.  Sometimes I miss actually having thoughts, ha.  But as I come out of the haze of pregnancy and there are days that the sleep deprivation clears momentarily, I remember the joy of discovering new thoughts, examining them, talking about them, enjoying them, writing them.  And I want to revive that joy.

I feel a bit rusty, so it may take a while for you to share the joy with me, but we’ll get there.  I want to create new habits this year, and, by God’s grace, some of those habits are forming already.  So get ready for the writing habit to appear occasionally.  Don’t mind the rust in the meantime; I’ll keep polishing.

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