I’m currently delighting in Starbucks decaffeinated coffee with hazelnut liquid creamer.  Sacrilege?  I prefer to deem it eclecticism.  Sort of like making eggs benedict—complete with homemade Hollandaise sauce—one morning, while turning to boxed Matzo Ball Soup mix, an avocado, and a packet of guacamole seasoning for lunch the next day.  I can cook; in fact, love to cook and wanted (want?) to be a gourmet, but still I revert to pre-packaged foods with frequency.  I even started to make a cake out of a box this week (gasp!).  Granted, I planned to add sour cream, pudding mix (yes, gasp again if you will), chocolate chips, and a few other extras, but still, it would have been just as easy to make that stupid cake from scratch.  So I did, and it turned out amazing.  Chocolate cake with cinnamon and sweetened condensed milk, complete with the rest of the milk poured over the top.  Mmmmm.  And it took about five minutes.  Remind me of this next time I pull out the hazelnut creamer, and I’ll smile guiltily as I revel in my corn syrup solids, or whatever’s in there.

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