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Sleepover time!  I’m getting ready to share my deepest darkest secret or maybe my most embarrassing moment, and it makes me feel like I’m twelve again.  I have to decide which story will make you like me and want to be my friend.

You want to be my friend, I promise.  :)   I’m the friend who volunteers to bring you dinner after your baby is born and then totally forgets, until the next day.  Oh, but wait!  I will make you homemade banana breadand fresh salad and my mom’s famous potato soup (I’ll even give you the recipe!) to make up for it.

Little Girl blogging

My little blogger

You really do want to be my friend.  I have the cutest baby on the planet, and if you’re my friend, I’ll let you kiss her cheeks.  And maybe babysit her too, as long as you don’t follow my example, letting her fall out of her stroller and bite her lip.

You want to be my friend because my husband is a Marine and protects our country, and I’m so proud of him.  (My deepest darkest secrets are all shared with him, so I guess you’re missing out on those.)

You also want to be my friend because I have the coolest Big Mommy who tells the best stories, or, as she called them, “trugars.”  Like the one about the skunk in her closet….

You mostly want to be my friend because I love people, and I love sharing what I’m learning and hearing about what you’re learning, and just learning together.  This blog is all about women helping each other to grow into maturity, and especially about older women passing down their wisdom to us.

Come back and visit regularly.  You want to be my friend because I love company:)

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