“Big Momie’s Basics (by request)”

For all those mouths watering after my great-grandmother’s biscuits…er, excuse me, biscuit, your wait is over.  I found the recipe in her own (sometimes misspelled) words in a cookbook she compiled for us over fifteen years ago:


Helpful little hands have helped to make biscuit many times.  Memories were established and now it’s time to pass the art as I learned it on to those anxious to pick up the know-how learned.

My favorite flour for all the following “makings” is “Pillsbury Self-Rising Flour.”  It seems to contain the just right amounts of leaving to a good product.

I sift enough of this flour into a big bowl or container to use.  I push aside enough flour in middle of the container to make a “well” to work out to edges from.

Making biscuit is an art and you have to practice and form your best way for best results as I did.  If you don’t make a prize batch the first time just keep on trying as I did.  Once you have done this remember just how you did it–how much–how soft the dough and how little you could handle the dough to form good biscuit.

Do not work too much flour into the dough at first.  Gradually add until it doesn’t feel too soft or stick to your hand.  Reach this point then clean your fingers and hand and lift the dough and work flour under it gently adding flour to outside of dough for better handling.  Just practice and you’ll learn how as I did.


In the “flour well” put enough shortening say as large as 2 eggs.  Measure 1 cup (note from Audrey: as aforementioned, this “cup” was a blue and white coffee mug with a broken handle) buttermilk.  Add about 3/4 tsp soda over the shortening or in the buttermilk.  It takes buttermilk for good biscuit.  Mix with hand or maybe a spoon at first until the right amt. of flour seems to be in dough.  Clean hands and sorta “tuck flour” under the dough and gently handle and squeeze off enough to make a size biscuit you want.  This you place in palm of hand and with couped hand sorta tuck in the edges and form a smooth outside.  you can pat the dough out on a floured surface and cut if you want.  Bake 475 degrees on a greased baking sheet.

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  1. [I have copied and pasted comments left prior to the 2014 blog transfer.]

    “This is priceless, Audrey!”
    Comment by Sally Rubottom — April 29, 2010 @ 2:38 pm

    “I love this….but does it suffice to say that I am very confused?! Ha!”
    Comment by Alicia — May 24, 2010 @ 12:33 pm

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