A Stepping Stone

Last night I was reminded that, unlike the postmodernist, I believe in a meta-narrative.  “Meta” means larger, or overarching, and “narrative,” of course, means story.  The overarching story is God’s story, and I might not have read every chapter or understand each phrase, but I know He’s written it and I’m part of it.

That said, I often forget my role in God’s story.  This blog, I must admit, was my idea, my scheme really, and though I like to tell myself its goal is to help people, I truly and secretly hoped it would become an income and propel me into fame.  I want to publish a book, and perhaps this could be my springboard.

But last night, I was reminded that my goal is to be a stepping stone.  I have found my place in God’s story, and my ultimate purpose in life is to enjoy that role that He has given me, to bring glory to Him and what He has written, and to introduce His story to those who have not yet encountered it.  In that vein, my story is not isolated from others’ stories, and, in fact, my story derives its importance only as it leads people to the Great Storyteller Himself.

So your story is important to me.  If you would, share a little with me.  Send me an e-mail or post a comment below.  I want to know about how you have discovered your place in God’s story, or, perhaps, why you don’t believe you  have a role to play.  You are important, and I need your story as much as I hope you need mine.

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