A Pox Upon Us!

Recommendation: Do not read a book about ten lepers and their stories while your child is breaking out with the chicken pox.  It makes for an unneeded, gruesome edge to her misery and your concern.  I’m still not sure if she’s really breaking out or not, but she woke up with a small sore on her lip, developed a triangular-shaped mass of tiny, red dots on her back, and now sports a spot behind her ear and under her eye.  Coincidence?  Hmm….

My little leper has crawled around happily in her pajamas all day, looking adorable as always, enjoying the pizza crusts I throw to her.  Thankfully she doesn’t feel ostracized yet.  We’ll cheerfully march through the ravages of the disease, alone but for those who have endured before.  Hurry up, chicken pox, we’re ready for you to come and be gone!

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