A Lesson on Forgiveness

During my college days, my church’s secretary called me up and invited me to speak.  Whoa, I thought. Surely they can’t want me.  But they did.  Every Wednesday night, the men and women split up, and each woman in the church got a chance to speak to the other women, and the men had the chance to speak to the other men.  It was a brilliant plan, both for the listeners AND the speakers, as we all learned and grew together.

Anyway, most of the topics had been covered by the time they got to me (I think I was somewhat of a last resort; maybe there were more “grown-up” men than women or something…), and I was given “A Woman and Her Worship” or “A Woman and Forgiveness.”  As the church pianist, I immediately connected with the worship idea, and I’m sure the secretary assumed I would choose that topic right off the bat, but wisely (for once!) I chose to pray about it instead.  Guess which topic God chose?

The next post or three will be excerpts and rewrites from that talk on forgiveness.  The lessons I learned from my experience shaped the direction of Trugars and taught me a lot about myself and my family.

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