Ten Disasters Which Need Addressing

I have notebooks full of lists.  Some of them are partially crossed-off, some not even touched.  But, if I am to have a somewhat well-run household, avoid CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome–from the Flylady), and move forward with exciting new things, these items must, and I repeat, MUST find completion soon (read: this week).

Hold me accountable.

1. Make banana bread.  Yesterday we acquired a box full of bananas (see picture) from my husband’s battalion.  More baking for the neighbors!

2. Make Chex Mix.  I have had boxes of Chex & Cheerios on top of my refrigerator, waiting to be converted into snack mix forEVER.  I think we’ve gone through at least two or three bags of pretzels in that time, and though I currently am out of pretzels, we can have Chex mix without them.

3. Finish preparations for the new semester of piano teaching.  This includes mailing out letters to parents, posting flyers, updating records, and ordering music.

4. Wash the sheets on my bed.  Not drastic, I know, but I just thought of it.

5. Try to reduce my e-mail inbox to something less than 200 e-mails.  *yikes*

6. Write two guest posts for other blogs.

7. Call my mother-in-law for family addresses that have changed, then send out (no joke) Christmas cards that have been lying around my house since….before Christmas.

8. Formulate and send an e-mail to my husband’s commanding officer and other leadership pertaining to family events within his company.

9. Read Big Mommy’s notebook from start to finish and/or transcribe parts.

10. Sort through clothes and papers that are currently cluttering up my guest room (including the aforementioned Christmas cards).

Are you inspired?  I am.  :)

Top Ten Tuesday

Recipes for the Week

First of all, I definitely have to include the recipe for okra and tomatoes this week, due to popular request.  :)   But that means a trip to the farmer’s market for okra, because I am “plum out,” as Big Mommy would say.

From Big Mommy: “Living on the farm was helpful having fresh vegetables in season.  Milking a cow gave milk, cream, butter, and cottage cheese.  Learning to gather good variety from the cattle, hogs, and chickens was all our way of life.  How to feed stock and fowl provided meat, eggs, and added pleasures.

Many wild berries and fruit also were available as grapes for juice and jelly.  Elderberries for jelly.  Huckleberry and wild blueberries in season gave new pie treats or cobblers.

By land development and new process of producing changed many resources but other ways replaced those lost.”

Reading her words took me back to climbing the elderberry tree near Big Mommy’s farm; I haven’t eaten elderberries in years!  They made great pies though.  Mmmm….  And her mention of cobblers reminds me, I think I owe you her guava cobbler recipe as well.

But first things first.  On the menu this week will be spaghetti with homemade sauce, as my tomato plants are the only productive ones in the garden.  :)   The sauce is made already, so I just need to boil some noodles and make up a garden salad to go along with it.

Monday: Spaghetti with meatballs & salad
Tuesday: Leftover macaroni & cheese, pork chops, maybe Okra & Tomatoes? (also having ladies over for lunch and making my favorite chicken salad recipe…yum!)
Wednesday: Soup from the freezer, homemade bread with homemade blueberry jam (a friend from church brought a jar for me yesterday!!)
Thursday: Quiche with turkey bacon, cheese, onion, plus a fruit salad
Friday: Pizza night
Saturday: Eating with friends
Sunday: Having people over after church, deli sandwiches buffet-style

What’s on your menu?